Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ivo Mayr

Ivo Mayr. This 36-year-old German photographer plays with gravity and angles. He takes two things, the architecture and the people that live in it and combined the two together. He found the people in the streets and portrayed them detached from the ground, hanging and floating. He named the images Passanten, which means “Passers-Bye”. The first time I looked at his pictures I spent the longest time trying to figure out if they were real or photoshopped. But I think they are really interesting to look at. It is another way to look at people and how they interact with their environment. The aim of his work is to give an impression of the city by focusing on its individual inhabitants. He addressed people directly in the streets, approaching those who had attracted his attention due to their clothes, vibrancy, posture. He took portraits of them detached from the ground, hanging on walls, trees or lanterns. They are just like lost-and-found objects that you place clearly visible in the spot where you found them, like a glove hanging on a fence.
These are the type of photographs I would like to look at all day. 

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