Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Charles Grogg

Charles Grogg is one of those photographers I just stumbled upon about a year ago. He was featured in my photographers forum magazine. His work just really stuck out to me. Right now he lives in southern California where he produces these fractured images printed in silver then sewn through or in platinum and palladium on handmade Japanese washi which are restitched into whole images. This process creates the interesting effects that happen to the images. His work is just so captivating and interesting to look at. Ever since I started doing photography in high school I have always loved the darkroom and methods of printing that involve the darkroom. For my senior sem. I am not just sticking to digital I want to continue to play with my black and white skills. I might even incorporate lithographs or liquid emulsion.
Charles' series After Ascension and Descent was inspired by a thought process about "our attempt at domestic growth" and being at a loss of "knowing one's roots". It is an expression "of desire for growth at the moment of inhibition, when hesitation is the gap between disiring and having." 

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