Thursday, July 26, 2012

Briony Campbell

This next artist is another one like Sally Mann who focuses on documenting the changes and inevitable loss of a loved one. Briony Campbell was born in London, where she has been a freelance photographer since 2006. In 2009, Campbell graduated from London College of Communication's MA in Documentary Photography with distinction. That year she made The Dad Project, the story of losing her dad to cancer. The process of creating this work, and the public's response to it, represented a formative chapter for her both personally and professionally. The project was exhibited, published and acclaimed internationally. In 2011 it was awarded the Bar Tur Photography Award. She is currently shooting a long term project about the relationship between contemporary Britain and Africa, focusing firstly on capturing the lives of mixed nationality couples.
The Dad Project is an incredibly beautiful series of photographs that she took while her father was struggling with cancer. This series had a really strong effect on me. I looked at them and immediately started crying. They were sad, beautiful, intimate and intriguing. They told a story that many people are familiar with. It's much like what I am doing with my grandparents in a way. It's a way of keeping someone, while you are losing them physically. Briony has captions that you can read to go along with the photographs on her website. Each one of those captions is very intimate and shows a vulnerable side. It allows viewers to have a deeper connection with her work. 

"This is the story of an ending without an ending.
This is a work in progress and I hope it always will be.This is my attempt to say goodbye to my Dad with the help of my camera.Being a good daughter to my dying dad was tricky.I struggled to find the balance between dedication to his needs and distraction from my grief.At first the idea of introducing a camera into this already un-resolvable equation seemed unwise,but eventually I think it became the solution. " Briony Campbell 

This is the link the Film that goes along with the photographs, It's well worth the 10 mins to watch it. 

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