Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Annette Kelm

Annette Kelm photographs still life, portraits, objects, architecture and landscape. Her works are distinguished by a clear, reduced and matter-of-fact metonymy. Many of her photographs hold a moment of timelessness and are without space, but focused on the present moment of the staged subject and its form and structure. Her precise, carefully composed, well-lit images, often shot with a large-format camera, luxuriate in surface and clarity of detail while fitting neatly into standard photographic genres: still life, portraiture, landscape. The things they present definitely exist; there is no doubt about that. But something about their ‘rightness’ seems not quite right. As self-evident as her images appear, they are undercut with a strangeness that questions not only the purpose of the objects, but also the nature of their representation. She currently lives and works in Berlin. 

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