Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Anne Lass

Anne Lass was born in 1978 in Schleswig, Germany. She studied photography at University of Duisburg-Essen/Folkwang Hochschule and received her diploma in 2007. She has had numerous solo and group exhibitions and she is co-founder of the art project, Weisser salon. She currently lives and works in Berlin. The landscape photographs constitute small stories within a larger story concerning nature as a displaced and estranged object. In her ongoing project Schwinden she documents places that are dissolving due to climate change and intense building construction on the coastal line, reflecting on the limits of our belief in the "manageability" of our natural surroundings. Anne has had a vast amount of group exhibitions throughout the world and several solo exhibitions in Germany, Danmark and the United States. She has also been featured in numerous publications.
Her landscapes are the most appealing photographs and they really capture my attention. They are mysterious and often discuss the relationship to landscape and the question of anonymity.
 I was reading a dialog of an interview she had and this is what she says about inspiration.... "I like to walk for hours and observe my surroundings. Going places and discovering new areas is always inspiring to me. From recreational areas to places which people avoid - it does not really matter, as long as I find this certain atmosphere I am looking for. Despite of this, a good conversation, an interesting article or an old image found on a flea market can be very inspiring too...."

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