Thursday, July 26, 2012

Angela Strassheim

Angela Strassheim has worked as a forensic photographer for several years before focusing on her conceptual photography.  Her series Evidence is a collection of photographs that involve interiors and exteriors of houses where crimes had been committed. Extensive research was the key to locate 140 residences in dozens of cities. The exterior photographs show anonymous houses in broad daylight. She gained access to 18 houses to photograph the interiors using BlueStar, a reagent whose purpose is to reveal blood stains. To preserve the anonymity of all the individuals currently living in the houses she chose to include no image of the exterior when the interior is shown and vice versa. In her series Left Behind she concentrated on her childhood and adult memories. The domestic narratives show an unsettling world. Left behind really speaks to me. I love that she shows these scenes that are really personal and intimate.Pause focuses on significant moments in a girl’s and woman’s life. Her images are sharp and hold a deeper layer. 
I like her photography but what I really love is her installation.She took a photograph and recreated it in a gallery space. It speaks directly to what I am trying to do for my project. I am working with keeping something timeless and freezing time with my own grandparents. I am almost documenting their changes and making myself more aware of how they are aging. What Angela did is she recreated her grandmothers closet for a gallery. It had her grandmothers clothes, shoes and hats. It was fully equipped with sound and the smell of her grandmother. So everyone who observed this installation felt connected with her grandmother. I love that idea. I am not just working in photographs but video/installation as well. This idea inspired me to maybe incorporate smell in my final piece. My grandparents house has a distinct smell, it's hard to describe but I want to figure out a way to recreate that. 

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