Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tony Oursler: Genius

So for this next post I want to talk about Tony Oursler, not just because he is an incredible artist but because I think him and I would be friends if we were to ever meet. He is a complete smart ass and I love it!
Ever since we briefly discussed him in both New Genres Video Art last semester I have become completely obsessed with him! He incorporates both sculpture and video in his installations. The way he manipulates video is really fascinating and exciting to watch. A little background on him... He was born and raised in New York City in 1957 and attended the California Institute for the Arts (which is one of the most famous art school on the west coast.. no big deal.) A couple articles I have read about him have said he gets a lot of his inspiration from drum role please "the Father of Conceptual Art" Mr. John Baldessari and Laurie Anderson (Oh Superman). Most of his work explores the relationship between the individual and mass media systems with humor, irony, and imagination. I love that he uses pop culture as a main point for his work and then interprets it by the use of video projections and some elements of sculpture.

I really love all of his work but one of his recent exhibits "The Influence Machine" is probably my favorite. He did these videos of people, faces and body parts and then projected them on buildings, trees and smoke. They were eerie and beautiful all at the same time.

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