Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sarah Kay: Spoken Word
Sarah Kay is an artist that just struck me because I could relate to her. Most people don't think of poetry as art but it is.... everything is art really. Just not everything is well executed art. However Sarah deals with spoken word or poetry whatever you would like to call it. She has been performing ever since she was 14 years old. It amazes me the passion she has had for this at such a young age. She would go to open mic nights in bars where she was the youngest one there. She definitely stayed dedicated to her work and is now teaching it to younger generations. I have loved spoken word since high school. My friends and I actually started a spoken word contest in school where anybody could get up and say anything they wanted to. You could speak to music or just free style there wasn't really any boundaries. Being a part of it was just an incredible experience. I got to see so many people come out of their shells and just release all their emotions. Emotion is a big factor with Sarah Kay. You can tell when she performs she gives everything she has to have an emotional connection with her audience. In some way shape or form I think everyone can relate to her work. When watching her video I picked up on a couple things that can be used in not only creating spoken word but in any work of art. I'm going to call them the 4 C's: Creativity, Courage, Challenge and Connection. All of these things go into making art. We are constantly challenging ourselves to tackle new obstacles. Any work of art needs a certain amount of courage to create and to create it we need creativity. (which she kind of describes as stories to learn from or different perspectives of things.) And lastly a connection, something that makes the audience or viewer relate to the piece. It could be a strong emotional connection or it could just be something simple but in most cases you want someone to be able to relate to your piece.

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