Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Percy Dean

Percy Dean is a commercial/editorial/documentary photographer. He works in both film and photography. I first stumbled upon him when I was watching videos on vimeo and came across one of his documentaries he shot. I was pretty impressed with the quality of his video. He used unique shots and had an incredible use of light throughout the whole composition. The B-roll in his video is the main thing that caught my attention. All the scenes he shot were very planned out and had strong content to keep viewers interested and invested in the film. 

So after I watched his video I decided to look him up and see what he is all about. I am glad I did because I happen to like his photography just as much as I like his videos. Percy Dean was born and lives in Great-Britain. He started photographing at the young age of 17. He began taking pictures that revolved  around his love for skateboarding and snowboarding. In 1997 he founded Document Magazine, an internationally renowned skateboard / lifestyle magazine and held the position of editor and senior photographer for over a decade. I typically don't care for portrait photography so much just because it's not my thing. But I really like his. They just have a different quality to them than most. The series of pictures I like the most come from his photographs of places. He travels around the world taking photographs that document the places and environments he is in. I could probably talk about him forever.. I will probably save it for one of my papers. :) 

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