Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jeff Brouws: Industrial

Jeff Brouws is a self taught artist born and raised in San Francisco. He has been doing photography since he was 13. The majority of his work is very industrial. He shoots landscape photographs in urban, suburban and rural areas. His work definitely has underlying meaning behind them which has to do with how America's landscape is evolving over time. I would classify him as a documentary or historical contemporary photographer. He creates narratives by just taking one image. The things that really draw me into his photographs are his use of light, line, architecture and color. I love that he shoots everyday landscapes that most people maybe overlook or ignore. By the way he photographs these mundane places people are able to see from a different point of view. I think the reason I like his work so much is that is draws my attention to our culture and how things things change over time. Jeff's discarded landscapes are composed of abandoned manufacturing sites, low-income housing, and commercial ruins found throughout the Northeastern United States.I play around with a lot of the same themes in my work about how things decay and become discarded with age. All of he series are amazing but if I had to just choose a couple I would probably pick Highway, Discarded Landscapes and any one of his Typologies series. They stick out for their simplistic quality and because of how strong the colors and subject matter are. 

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