Wednesday, May 23, 2012

David Hilliard

I think I am starting to get on a blogging role..

This next artist I am absolutely in love with is David Hilliard! David received his BFA from Massachusetts College of Art before going on to get his MFA at Yale University. He has had tons of solo exhibitions throughout the United States and his work has been featured in worldwide group exhibitions. His work is so captivating to look at and I think his dynamic compositions really give his work an edge. Because he uses panoramic views you get more of that sense of place. His work definitely deals with place and identity which is a huge concept I deal with in my work. I feel that people are defined by their locations whether it be your home, outside, at the dinning room table, in a mirror or in a bathroom. When you are in a certain place you feel a certain way and act a certain way. His images really give you those feelings when you look at them. Through his use of panoramic images you see the location clearly and thoroughly. Once you understand the location you begin to understand the person or subject in the image. It's subjective in a way. Not everyone feels the same in these places however his images leave the viewers to make up their own minds.
I really liked this snippet from his website under his about "This sequencing of photographs and shifting of focal planes allows me the luxury of guiding the viewer across the photograph, directing their eye; an effect which could not be achieved through a single image. I continually aspire to represent the spaces we inhabit, relationships we create, and the objects with which we surround ourselves. I hope the messages the photographs deliver speak to the personal as well as the universal experience. I find the enduring power and the sheer ability of a photograph to express a thought, a moment, or an idea, to be the most powerful expression of myself, both as an artist, and as an individual."

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