Monday, May 14, 2012

Bill Viola

Bill Viola is a video/installation artist that has been working in the field for over 40 years. He does incredible things with all of his pieces by focusing on sound, architecture and environment. 
I am really drawn to Bill Viola's video installations, even though you can't really get the full effect of his work from the YouTube videos. I think I have watched every video I could find on youtube it fascinated me. I wish I could see one of his installations in person to be able to see the scale and feel the emotion in the room. What drew me in to him was the fact his videos aren't just videos they are so much more. He incorporates architecture, sound, music and most importantly emotion. In every one of his works, no matter the length, it feels like you are watching a movie production because of the series of emotions they cause you to go through. (I am sure that feeling is much more intense in person, I just have to imagine) I also love that he deals with these unique human experiences whether it be death, birth or this consciousness of reality. He really knows how to make the viewers feel exactly what he is trying to convey. 

For my senior sem. I am really pushing myself to incorporate video projections with my photographs still a work in progress right now. 

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