Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Anastasia Cazabon

Anastasia Cazabon is a conceptual photographer from Cambridge, MA. She is a graduate of New England School of Photography and Massachusetts College of Art. Anastasia is co-founder of the photography collective The Exposure Project. Her work is extremely unique and very emotional. Anastasia works in different ways then most photographers. She doesn't take pictures to have them shown or enjoyed by others. She takes them for her own enjoyment. Anastasia is really concerned with what people choose to reveal about themselves and what they consider private.

"I try to make my images have a sense of mystery and privacy, which I believe makes the viewer want to see them more. Human beings are curious by nature, and we love seeing something we think we’re not supposed to see. So, if anything I’m playing with human curiosity."

Anastasia originally went to school for theater. At first she hated photography because she thought every photographer was a portrait/studio one. But one of her teachers introduced her to more conceptual artists and thats where she began taking photography. She then realized she could incorporate her theater/acting background into pictures which I think she does very well. All of her work is so poetic and captures raw emotion like you would see on a stage or in a film. I love the emotion in her work, it deals a lot with her own childhood. She takes these images that should be very personal to her but somehow they are very universal. 

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